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Precise Positioning Of Semi-Automatic Needle Soft Tissue Biopsy
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Precise Positioning Of Semi-Automatic Needle Soft Tissue Biopsy




Product description:


The needle on the scale.

*The doctor convenient accurately determine the depth of the needle.

*The needle is convenient for the doctor. Ultrasound enhanced positioning the needle.

*Biopsy slot length adjustable (selec 9.5mm or 19mm) for the flexible use

*In the outer sheath firing before cutting, the inner core needle can be safelypositioned in the lesions within the organization.

*with MANAN positioning pin matched.



In 1renal biopsy: renal biopsy is also referred to as renal biopsy, renal biopsy.Biopsy of kidney method, is a method for pathological diagnosis of kidney disease.Application of the puncture needle is inserted into the living body refers to the organization, take out a small amount of kidney tissue, pathological analysis. At present there are 2 main methods, one is open with puncture renal biopsy method,one is able to biopsy through skin puncture, method a method is used widely at home and abroad.

Why should we promote the application of renal biopsy? Because not many clinicaltyping method in diagnosis, judging prognosis has many deficiencies, and the renal biopsy is useful in diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and explore the relationship between clinical types and theoretical model, is also one of the important means to improve the level of clinical and scientific research of kidney disease, specifically.First, can clear diagnosis renal biopsy, rate as high as 84% with renal biopsy and autopsy. Especially in recent years because of the rapid development of electron microscopy and immune pathology, greatly contributed to the diagnosis of kidney disease. The diagnosis of kidney disease basically has 3 kinds, one is the clinical diagnosis, two is the pathological diagnosis, three is the immune pathological diagnosis, two kinds of diagnosis is often applied, must rely on renal biopsy, anddiagnosis of the most meaningful. For example, the clinical manifestations ofprimary nephrotic syndrome, pathology can be found in a variety of pathological type, such as moderate to severe mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis, IgA nephropathy, mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis, focal segmentalglomerular sclerosis, but the final diagnosis depends on pathological andimmunopathological diagnosis. Moreover, the clinical diagnosis of chronicglomerulonephritis, the pathological manifestation is diverse. But many easilymissed lesions, only rely on renal biopsy to confirm the diagnosis, such asinterstitial nephritis, IgA nephropathy, IgM nephropathy. Secondly, through renal biopsy diagnosis, treatment plan, can be modified for clinical treatment, provide important basis for the. The primary nephrotic syndrome as an example, if thekidney biopsy diagnosis of minimal change disease, application of hormone therapy has good effect, type II nephrotic syndrome according to the different pathological types, response to hormone therapy is also different, with cytotoxic drugs withcertain pathological types, it achieved good results. In acute kidney disease,especially acute nephritis, kidney puncture biopsy are index. When the renal biopsydiagnosis, can use high-dose corticosteroid therapy, to severe, is of great significance. In judging the prognosis of renal biopsy, diagnosis, basically can estimate the prognosis, the clinical diagnosis for the same type ofglomerulonephritis, pathology have different performance, the prognosis is not the same. In addition, because the kidney puncture biopsy was carried out, also provides a convenient to explore the relation between clinical and pathologicalkidney disease for us, although there is currently no reliable conclusions, butfurther research in this field and to investigate the pathogenesis of kidney disease,and promoting the development of kidney disease clinical and scientific research.Development of Nephrology, plays an important role in.


2, liver biopsy:

the main methods for diagnosis of fatty liver Liver biopsy is mainly used for: focal fatty liver and tumor difference. provedsome rare disease, such as hemochromatosis, cholesteryl ester storage disease,glycogen storage accumulates disease etc.. asymptomatic suspectednonalcoholic steatohepatitis, liver biopsy is the only means of diagnosis. After thedrinking of alcoholic liver disease or alcoholic liver disease with an unexplainedclinical or biochemical disorder. The obesity reduced the original weight 10%, liverenzyme abnormalities continued, to look for other causes of liver biopsy. The doubtis not a simple hepatic steatosis or suspected to cause people.


3, biopsy of the breast cancer: breast cancer is the most common malignant tumors of women. Mammography can find some small breast lesions, to define the natureof these lesions are required for operation, breast biopsy. Sickles[1] reports about the ~2 - 4% of patients with breast cancer and the like examination showedsuspicious surgical operation biopsy, and these lesions in 70~90% is a benign. Has become necessary because of looking for a simple and reliable operation, smalldiagnostic method. X-ray stereotactic breast core needle biopsy (Stereotacticneedle core biopsy, SCNB) is one of the diagnostic methods developed in recent years, more and more attention is paid to the.


4, prostate biopsy: a specific position of prostate biopsy guided by transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy needle to use ultrasound and pathologicaldiagnosis requires tissue.


Suspected prostate cancer should be biopsy, including men over the age of 40, the following conditions:

(1) prostate specific antigen (PSA) over 4ng/dl

(2) dre prostate nodules

(3) had abnormal ultrasonography of the prostate

(4) metastatic adenocarcinoma, primary suspected prostate


5, lung biopsy: chest and mediastinal disease guided biopsy and treatment inultrasound, has become the pulmonary peripheral masses and longitudinalpulmonary masses get pathological diagnosis method, its safe, accurate,convenient, reliable. For the diagnosis of peripheral lung and mediastinal disease,methods and means are provided for a very scientific has practical value indifferential diagnosis and treatment.

Lung and mediastinal mass biopsy and treatment of


In principle, wher the ultrasound can be seen in peripheral lung tissue and mediastinal in abnormal echo mass can be biopsied, biopsy, can adopt scientific methods corresponding to the treatment.

Peripheral lung or mediastinal disease fiberoptic bronchoscopy biopsy failure due to various reasons.

In order to selec the treatment to disease


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